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State of the County Address

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In his State of the County address, H.E. Dr.Ochilo Ayacko, EGH began by acknowledging the efforts and hard work of the legislators and residents of Migori County. He emphasized the need for unity and cooperation among all stakeholders to achieve sustainable development and improve the living standards of the people.
The Governor then presented an overview of the achievements made in the previous financial year. He highlighted various sectors that have experienced significant progress including healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, education, and public service delivery among others.
In the healthcare sector, the governor highlighted the improvement in healthcare facilities and the provision of essential medical equipment and drugs. He mentioned the construction and equipping of new health facilities. Recruitment and training of additional healthcare professionals to enhance service delivery is a key priority for the county government in this financial year.
In terms of infrastructure, the governor outlined the successful completion of road construction and rehabilitation projects across the county. He mentioned the importance of good road networks in promoting trade and economic growth within the region. The governor also expressed his commitment to continue investing in infrastructure development to foster connectivity and accessibility for all residents of Migori.
The agricultural sector was another area of focus during the address. The governor highlighted the implementation of agricultural programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing food security and boosting farmers’ income. He mentioned the operationalization of Getong’anya Potato Processing Plant, the provision of dairy animals, Sahiwal bulls, hybrid seeds, fingerlings,fish feeds and farm inputs, to farmers as well as the reinvigoration of rice farming activities at the Lower Kuja Irrigation Scheme which is meant to mitigate the effects of unpredictable weather patterns.
Furthermore, the governor emphasized the importance of quality education and its role in shaping the future of the county. He reported the construction of 140 ECDE classrooms across the county.What now remains is the recruitment of more qualified teachers to improve the quality of education for the young generation.
In terms of public service delivery, the governor highlighted the efforts made to streamline administrative processes reduce bureaucracy and enhance efficiency in service provision. He mentioned the digitalization of government services in the finance (revenue) and Health sector which has improved access for residents and reduced corruption.
Looking ahead to the current financial year,the governor outlined his development plans and priorities. He discussed the need to focus on job creation as was envisaged in his manifesto, youth, and women’s economic empowerment. He also emphasized the importance of environmental conservation, the need to work on a steady water supply to the community, and sustainable development in all spheres.
In conclusion, the governor reassured the residents of Migori County of his commitment to improving their livelihoods. He called for unity and collaboration among all stakeholders to achieve the set goals and make Migori County a model for development and progress in the region.

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