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H.E Governor Dr. Ochilo Ayacko receives generous donations from the Embassy of Korea

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Governor Ochilo Ayacko, CECM Agriculture Hon. Lucas Mosenda, and other county government officials, along with farmer groups, received generous donations from the Embassy of Korea. Among these donations were six peanut butter shelling machines, which will undoubtedly enhance local peanut production.


In addition, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) presented a range of equipment to support the agricultural sector, including feed millers and mixers, threshing machines, moisture meters, and soybean threshers. These tools will contribute to improving productivity and efficiency in various agricultural processes within the county.


The Ministry of Agriculture, through the Plant Protection Unit, provided important contributions to pest control efforts. This included foul and African armyworm control chemicals, personal protective gear, and a motorized sprayer. These resources will enable effective pest management and protect crops from potential damage.


The county government will on its side provide adequate capacity building and dissemination of technology to farmers for maximum returns. These donations and contributions reflect the commitment of both local and international organizations to support the agricultural sector and boost productivity in the region. It’s an encouraging development that will benefit farmers and contribute to sustainable agriculture in the county.

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