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Preparation for the upcoming Donors and Investors Conference slated for mid-November 2023

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Chaired by Deputy Governor Dr. Mahiri Gimunta, the Migori County Department of Special Programs and External Partnership held a roundtable meeting to discuss the Conference Steering Committee’s progress in preparation for the upcoming Donors and Investors Conference slated for mid-November 2023. The meeting was also attended by various county departmental heads, representatives from NGOs like Pan African Kenya.The stakeholders expressed their appreciation for the committee’s effort in organizing the conference and emphasized the importance of attracting donors and investors to support development initiatives in Migori County. They also discussed strategies to improve the effectiveness of the conference and to ensure that it yields results.The Deputy Governor reiterated the County Government’s commitment to ensuring that the conference is successful and that the county’s development agenda is adequately supported. He urged all stakeholders to work together and mobilize resources towards the realization of the county’s development goals.


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