Migori CountyA jewel in the making

Migori Municipality

Migori municipality is one of the urban areas in Migori County which hosts the county headquarters. It is situated in the central part of the county and covers part of both Suna East and Suna West sub counties. It is located in the southwest of Kenya. Its geographical coordinates are 1104’0’’ South, 34028’0’’East.

The town is located 371km Southwest of Nairobi, 182km South of Kisumu and 31.4km to the North of Tanzania border. The municipality covers an approximate are 202.7sq km, it covers the whole of Suna Central, Oruba-Ragana and parts of Kakrao, God Jope and Wasweta II wards

It has an approximate population of 84,781 according to the 2019 Kenya population and housing census.

Main commercial activities include Trade (both large scale and small scale), Agriculture, livestock development, education, Health, Recreational and social welfare. Industrial activities include motor garages, poultry, jua kali, printing, milling, bakery and tea machines.

It has dilapidated road networks some of them bitumen though most in murram state.

The Municipality has a great potential to grow and develop if its resources can be exploited notably in Trade, Business, industrial development,


To be a livable and an all-inclusive municipality


To create a conducive environment that enhance socio-economic development of Migori municipality.


  1. Integrity- The municipality which upholds tenets of honesty, sincerity, faithfulness in the conduct of its affairs
  2. Transparency and Accountability-Migori Municipality will perform all function in a transparent accountable manner
  3. Innovativeness- We shall promote the use of technology, creativity, new ideas in enhancing development in the municipality.
  4. Professionalism-we shall ensure that the right competencies are involved in their respective areas of operation.
  5. Respect for the rule of law- Migori Municipality shall undertake its affairs in accordance to the constitution and other enabling provisions of law
  6. Inclusivity-The municipality shall ensure no discrimination of persons based on gender, origin, tribe, culture, disability, etc. in its operations.
  7. Team Work- The municipality will work closely with residents and donors to achieve common goal
  8. Confidentiality-Respect of residents and maintaining professionalism will be maintained at all time by the staff


The strategic plan is driven by four major goals namely:

  1. To promote good governance and for wealth creation and service delivery
  2. To establish and sustain programs on proper land use and environmental management
  3. To promote municipal transformation and institutional development in the municipality
  4. To enhance partnerships and collaboration for development


The key programs identified to achieve the strategic objectives are

  1. Municipal transformation and institutional development
  2. Good Governance and community participation
  3. Land use and environmental management
  4. Disaster management
  5. Basic services and infrastructure development
  6. Trade and enterprise development

To achieve the above, the municipality will operate under the following delegated function

  1. Oversee the affairs of Migori municipality
  2. Develop and adopt policies, plans , strategies and programs and set targets for delivery of services
  3. Formulate and implement integrated development plans
  4. Maintain a comprehensive data base and information system of the administration and provide public access thereto upon payment of nominal fee to be determined by the board
  5. Administer and regulate its internal affairs
  6. Implement applicable national and county legislations
  7. Enter into such contracts, partnerships or joint ventures as it may consider necessary for discharge of its function as required under the law
  8. Monitor and where appropriate regulate municipal services where those services are provided by service providers other than the board of municipality
  9. Prepare is budget for approval by the county executive committee and administer the budget as approved
  10. Monitor the impact and effectiveness of any services, policies, programs or plans
  11. Establish, implement, and monitor performance management systems
  12. Facilitate and regulate public transport
  13. Promote a safe and healthy environment and
  14. Perform such other functions as may be delegated by the county Government or as may be provided by any other written law

Municipality Charter


The Municipal Manager
Municipal Board Offices
Kisii - Isebania Road

Postal Address;
P.O Box 195 - 40400

Tel: 0720391392

Municipality Board

These are the Migori Municipality board members
Paul Odhiambo Kokello
Municipal Board Chairman
WhatsApp Image 2024-03-11 at 15.27.17 (1)
Owino Dismas Onyango
Robert Mandela
Finance and economic planning
Spirim Kwamboka
Spirim Kwamboka Oloo
Municipality Board Member
Willis Aluoch Aluoch
Willis Aluoch Aluoch
Chair: Audit and Compliance
James Ogutu
James Ogutu
Chair Human Resource and Administration
Daniel Frank
Daniel Frank Akello
Chair Technical planning and strategy committee
Turphosa Adhiambo Adawo
Municipal Vice Chairperson

Report Corruption

Fill in the form below to report any incidences of corruption. Your report will be submitted anonymously to reportcorruption@migori.go.ke