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Migori County Embraces Innovative Fisheries Solutions

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In a move to revolutionize the fisheries sector and empower local fisherfolk, Migori County has partnered with WorldFish, a renowned development organization, to introduce cutting-edge technologies and equipment.

The county’s Chief Officer of Education, Prof. Rose Odhiambo, stood in for Migori’s First Lady, Dr. Agnes Ochilo, at an event organized by WorldFish in Muhuru Ward, Nyatike Sub-County, Migori County. The gathering aimed to showcase the collaborative efforts between WorldFish and the county government in empowering fisherfolk in Migori and Homa Bay Counties.

One of the key initiatives highlighted at the event was the introduction of pilot solar drying technology for omena fish, a staple in the region. This innovation is poised to significantly enhance fish preservation techniques, addressing post-harvest losses and extending the shelf life of the catch. Additionally, the provision of ice flakes for fish preservation further contributes to mitigating losses and ensuring the quality of the fish for marketability.
In attendance were George Ochola, Chief Officer of Fisheries and Blue Economy, and Philade Majiwa, Chief Officer of Monitoring and Evaluation, representing the Migori County Government. Other officers from various departments within the county government also attended, underscoring the collective commitment to advancing the fisheries sector.

The partnership between Migori County and WorldFish signifies a crucial step towards sustainable development and economic empowerment within the fishing communities. By embracing modern technologies and equipment, coupled with strategic collaborations, the county aims to uplift the livelihoods of its fisherfolk while ensuring the conservation of aquatic resources for future generations. Prof Rose Ogwang Odhiambo

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