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Migori County Adopts Smart Water Technologies

The Water and Energy department team, led by CECM Hon. Christopher Odhiambo Rusana hosts a delegation from Safaricom in partnership with Earthview Limited and USAID – Western Kenya Water Project.

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Migori County adopts smart water technologies to guarantee sustainable and efficient water supply for residents.

Provision of clean, reliable, and affordable water to Migori residents is one of H.E Gov. Dr. Ochilo Ayacko’s priorities as was well articulated in his manifesto.

To achieve this, the CECM for Water and Energy Hon. Christopher Odhiambo Rusana, on behalf of H.E the Governor, held a consultative meeting with a delegation from Safaricom in partnership with Earthview Limited and USAID – Western Kenya Water Project.

The partnership intends to introduce smart water meters in the production systems, District Metering areas and Last Miles Connectivity in the schemes to be identified among the water service providers (MIWASCO and NYAWASSCO).

This will go a long way in reducing the high non-revenue water currently being experienced in Migori whilst ensuring operational efficiency in the systems.

In the past, water provision in Migori faced several challenges including high electricity bills, high non-revenue water, old-dilapidated water infrastructure systems, low revenue collections as well as low metering efficiency which resulted in poor performance in terms of unreliable water supply and dissatisfied customers.

This innovative approach will modernize the water sector in Migori and provide residents with a dependable water supply.

Hon. Rusana, speaking at the meeting held in his office today, stated that the innovative approach, the first of its kind in Migori County, will allow for real-time monitoring, efficient management, and sustainable supply of water to Migori residents.

“Smart meters will help detect and minimize water losses due to leaks and theft, thus leading to a more efficient use of water as envisioned in H.E the Governor’s manifesto.”

Hon. Christopher Odhiambo Rusana

On his part, Arthur Omolo, the Western Kenya Water Project, Migori County liaison Governance/Urban Water Specialist gave a commitment to midwife the partnership.

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