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Growth of Markets and commercial centres are key to development of Trade and business, and are key drivers in the realization of vision 2030. The County Government of Migori is making every effort to regenerate the fulcrum of socio- economic systems in order to lay a solid ground for the realization of an empowered economy. In line with His Manifesto on Trade and Business, Migori County Governor HE: Dr George Mbogo Ochilo Ayacko led the department of Trade, industrialization, Marketing, Tourism and Cooperative development to open ” The Old Kakrao Market” that was opened way back in 1948 colonial times but later collapsed in the early 80s thereby killing growth and development prospect around Kakrao region. In a historical ceremony attended by local leaders, stakeholders and resident of Migori, Dr Ochilo Ayacko later opened the first “Cattle auction ring” for Suna East constituency at the same market that would herald the begining of profitable business for farmers and Traders in the livestock industry The joint effort by the department of Trade, Tourism,Industrialization, Marketing, and cooperative development led by CECM Dr Betty Samburu and Department of lands, Housing,Survey, physical Planning and Urban development led by CECM Engineer Hon John Kobado realized the dream to enterprise the Kakrao market that is central to the region’s economic lift Lying on a traditionally agricultural zone, the Kakrao Market and the New Cattle Auction Ring is expected to boost socio- economic activities in the region by providing a platform for farmers and traders to buy and sell their produce and livestock. The Market will expedite the development of trading zone connecting Godjope, Uriri, Migori, Bware, Rapogi, Nyarongi and Oyani markets thereby boosting the Trade system in the area and inturn working as to improve county’s revenue stream. Dr Ochilo Ayacko reiterated the benefits of opening Markets to create sources of empowerment for residents and promote local trade and entrepreneurship. He emphasized the need to utilize the market as a central economic zone to benefit farmers in the agricultural sector and residents living around Kakrao community. On her part, Waziri Dr Betty Samburu urged the traders and farmers to take advantage of the market to enhance their livelihoods and contribute to the local economy. On His part, Waziri John Kobado assured the residents that the county government plans to provide the necessary support and infrastructural development to ensure the market live to its intended objectives. Leaders present that included Migori county speaker Hon Charles Owino Likowa lauded the Government’s efforts to revive the Kakrao market terming it “historical moment” for the people of Migori. He thanked the area MCA Hon Tobby Okello Martin whose integral efforts together with Director Trade CPA Collins Bala and the Municipality Board Chairman Mr Nelson Mandela, Municipality Manager Mr Dismas Owino, County Trade Development officer Mr Oduogo, The provincial administration led by the area Chiefs, and the Market management committee for their efforts to make it happen. Dr Ochilo Ayacko directed the department of Trade and The Municipality to ensure the facility is properly maintained and traders given the necessary support needed. The Governor pointed out that Traders are the drivers of the economy and should be given priority support where necessary.

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