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Overview of Lands, Housing and Physical Planning Department




Excellence in land management and provision of adequate and affordable Housing in well planned spaces for sustainable development of Migori County.


To facilitate improvement of livelihoods of Migori County residents through efficient planning, administration and management of land and ensure access to adequate, quality and affordable housing.

Core values








Sub Sectors

  1. Administration
  2. Physical Planning
  3. Survey
  4. Rates and rents
  5. Housing

Departments’ achievements.

  • Establishment of modern survey office.
  • Construction of department of lands office block.
  • Purchase of interlocking brick making machine.
  • Establishment of interlocking brick training centre at Kababu.
  • Installation of 4 high mast lighting in Migori and Awendo in partnership with the state department of Housing & Urban Development.
  • Purchase of 6 acres of land in Bukira Buhirimonono for waste disposal.
  • Purchase of 20 acres of land for development of affordable housing scheme at Sangla in Migori town.
  • Preparation of Awendo town, Migori town, Isebania town, Rongo town and Sori town plans.
  • Production of new plot cards for replacement of old ones issued by the defunct local authority.
  • Purchase of land for establishment of modern markets at Dede and Bondo Nyironge.
  • Digitization of the records in the land registry to solve the problems of misplaced files and records.
  • Beaconing of over 12 public titled parcels of land.
  • Conducting basemap surveys for Migori town.
  • Production of 8 Preliminary Index Diagrams (P.I.Ds), one for each sub-county
  • Issuance of 25,000 title deeds from land adjudication.
  • Preparation of a valuation roll for Migori town
  • Preparation of rating bill



Objective: To grow and support all round multi-tasking work force with coherent values for challenges

Physical Planning

Objective: To provide a plan for county land use and management of urban spaces


Objective: To provide adequate Human settlements and infrastructural connectivity for a first class economy


Objective: To ensure just resolution of land and boundary disputes.

Rates & Rents

Objective: To ensure fair and equity in the rating of land within the county

What we do

Physical Planning

  • Preparation of physical development plans
  • Advising the county government on all matters relating to Physical Planning
  • Undertaking development Control
  • Advising on matters concerning alienation of land and the most appropriate use of land such as
  • Extension of lease
  • Subdivision of land
  • Change of user
  • Extension of user
  • Conflict resolution on matters pertaining to physical planning


  • Surveying for production of small scale topographical maps
  • Determination of property boundaries
  • Maintenance and storage of survey records
  • Implementation of court orders
  • Approval of mutation surveys
  • Resolving boundary disputes


  • Management of government housing units
  • Conducting of county housing survey
  • Development of housing infrastructure projects
  • Conduct research on housing and human settlement
  • Management of Appropriate Building Technology centres
  • Housing administration

Rents & Rates

  • Collection of rates and rents
  • Keeping records of public plots
  • Assessment of rents
  • Issuance & replacement of plots cards


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