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H.E Governor Dr. Ayacko launched several projects including Kowino, Otati & Kipingi dams

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H.E Governor Dr. O Ochilo Ayacko visited Kanyasa Ward in Nyatike Constituency today to launch several vital infrastructure projects, including the Kowino, Otati, and Kipingi dams. This marks a significant step forward in our commitment to improving access to clean water and enhancing agricultural activities in the region.

These projects underscore our unwavering dedication to the well-being and prosperity of our communities, and I am confident that they will have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the residents in this region. We remain committed to furthering similar initiatives that will continue to uplift our county.

I was accompanied by leaders such as Migori Speaker Hon. Owino Likowa, Waziri Christopher Rusana, Waziri Oring’o, Waziri Rahab Robi, Chief Officers, and a dedicated group of MCAs. Their support and collaboration are instrumental as we work towards the sustainable development of Migori County.

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