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H.E Deputy Governor Dr. Joseph Gimunta attends CTA value chain meeting in Nairobi

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Today, Migori County deputy governor Dr. Joseph Gimunta Mahiri had a consultative forum with Governors meeting-CTA value chain in partnership and collaboration with the County Government of Migori and Private Sector, trying to find the way forward and commitments in Cotton Farming at Boma Inn Hotel.

They discussed how the partnership will organise Farmers for cotton Aggregation, develop quality seeds through seed multiplication, establish certified seed distribution centres at the county level and enhance value addition and have a focus on Mayhyco which will provide extension services where Bt cotton/hybrids is being grown for better yield and they have enough seed for distribution.

Over 20 acres under the crop in Nyatike, which is currently being promoted by Fibre Crops Directorate of Agriculture & Food Authority and Cotton Victoria Project, Whereas Cotton Victoria Project is supporting the establishment of demonstration plots. The FCD sometimes distributes seeds to farmers
Varieties grown: KSA 81M and MAHYCO C567 BGII, Rift Valley Products offtakes the seed cotton.

Counties will prioritize cotton crop in their CIDP, this will reactivate the rural economy and provide employment opportunities.

Ginners are going to increase their Ginning capacity to have integrated to cater for by products as we project to grow cotton in 100,000acres in 2024. The Togo seed of 60MT will be used for seed evaluation, trials, and multiplication by KALRO and will be ready for distribution to the farmers in 2025.

We assured to strengthen producer cooperatives at the governance level through clear regulations and break the silos that have been prevalent along the value chain and embrace a collaborative and partnership approach with all key stakeholders.
The pricing of cotton lint going forwad will be Kshs 72 to the farmer.

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