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The Impact of Sorghum Farming on Food and Nutrition Security in Semi ASAL areas -Migori County

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Pictures speaks. Sorghum has proven to be the main source of livelihood in Nyatike and other Semi ASAL areas in the county courtesy of collaboration with Sightsavers Hon Lucas Mosenda FAO Kenya , USAID Kenya, YOUTH 4 Youths and the Fisher folk community in Karungu, Nyanza, Kenya.
Thanks to our County Agricultural Extension Officers for their commitment to capacity build and guide the farmers throughout the growing season.
This being the second season to implement the sorghum project with the partners, farmers to encouraged to take up sorghum farming as a business as it is not only contributing to bolstering our farming household food and nutrition security but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing our economic wellbeing. By investing in sorghum production, we can further fortify our agricultural industry and pave the way for prosperity in our communities.
This season over 200 tonnes of sorghum are projected to be harvested in Karungu alone and be shipped to EAML depot in Kisumu in this season at a cost of Kes 48-51/ per kg.

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