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County Departments

Industrialization and Enterprise Development
Trade Development
Weight and Measures
Co-operatives Development and Marketing
Tourism Research and Development
Liquor Licensing and Control
Health Services
The Health Services department helps the County in developing county health services, including the management of health facilities and pharmacies at the county level, ambulance...
Leadership Team:
Hon Julius Nyerere
Samuel Atula
– Chief Officer - Medical Services
Mabel Chanzu
– Chief Officer - Public Health Services
Dan Ochiel
– Director Medical Services
Tom Odhong
– Director - Public Health
Water and Energy
The department is headed by the CECM, with a Chief Officer and two directors – one for water services and another for energy services. It...
Leadership Team:
Hon Christopher Rusana
Charles Mwikwabe Chacha
– Chief Officer
Julliet Adhiambo
– Director-Water
Finance and Economic Planning
The department of Finance and Economic Planning has a key role of transforming the public service for better quality service delivery to residents of Migori...
Leadership Team:
Hon Maurice Otunga
John Achuora
– Chief Officer
Lazarus Onyancha
– Director-Economic Planning
Paul Mwita
– Director- Finance
Erick Jalang'o
– Head of County Accounting
Erick Oure
– Director - Procurement
Janet Apiyo
– Director - Audit
Public Service Management and Devolution
Engaged in ensuring and coordinating the participation of communities and locations in the governance at the local level and assisting various communities and locations to...
Leadership Team:
Hon Mercy Sau Mwakio
Nelson Wasonga
– Chief-Officer ICT, e-Governance and Innovation
Rhoda Nchangwa
– Chief-Officer Governance and Administration
Majiwa Phidale
– Chief - Officer Monitoring and Evaluation
George Odhiambo Olieng'
– Chief Officer - Public Service Management and Devolution
Starlet Oduory
– Chief Officer - Special Programmes
Carolene Roche
– Director-HRM
Lazarus Ogutu
– Director- Civic Education
Charles Gucha
– Director-ICT, e-Governance and Innovation
Daudi Obado
– Director-M & E
Tom Kwasi
– Director PSM & Devolution

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