Migori CountyA jewel in the making

Office of The Deputy Governor

H.E Dr. Joseph Mahiri Deputy Governor, Migori County

The Deputy Governor’s office is an inclusive and diversity-friendly office that diligently execute its functions, and exercise the authority provided for in the Constitution and Legislations. The mission of this office is to assist the governor in promoting democracy, good governance, integration and cohesion within the county of Migori through:

  • Promoting and facilitating citizens participation in the development of policies and plans, and delivery of services in the county.
  • Promoting all aspects of external relations within Migori County.
  • Overseeing the Performance Contracting function within all cadres of staff of Migori County Government.
  • Implementation of the Geographical Information Systems and digital transformation within the County of Migori.
  • Coordinating all aspects of Migori County’s participation and membership in the Lake Region Economic Bloc.
  • Coordinating all emergency services and disaster response in the County to ensure operations are handled in a timely and responsive manner.
Deputy Governor's Bio

H.E. Dr. Joseph Mahiri holds a PhD in Geography and Land planing from Trier University Germany, MA in Geography and Bachelor of Education from Kenyatta University.

Report Corruption

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