Migori CountyA jewel in the making


The County Government of Migori has this afternoon successfully averted a medical doctors strike, which was due in a weeks time.This happened after the Doctors Union, KMPDU Nyanza Branch Officials, engaged in fruitful discussions that have seen all the outlined agenda picked up for specified actions by the County Government.The two teams jointly addressed the […]


As part of a collaboration between the Romanian Embassy and the County Government of Migori, the embassy facilitated an exchange program for members of the executive in MCG to benchmark with different industries and public administration officials in Romania to get insights on best development practices. The different departments are represented by the following officers […]

H.E Governor Dr. Ochilo Ayacko receives generous donations from the Embassy of Korea

Governor Ochilo Ayacko, CECM Agriculture Hon. Lucas Mosenda, and other county government officials, along with farmer groups, received generous donations from the Embassy of Korea. Among these donations were six peanut butter shelling machines, which will undoubtedly enhance local peanut production. In addition, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) presented a range of equipment to […]

H.E the Governor provide relief to the affected residents at Angugo,Modi,Nyora and Kabuto

Migori Governor Ochilo Ayacko, alongside County officials, today visited flood-stricken areas in Angugo, Modi, Nyora, and Kabuto to provide relief to the affected residents. They distributed essential items such as relief food and basic commodities to assist those affected by the floods. Additionally, the governor made sure that the victims received blankets, water treatment chemicals, […]

H.E Governor Ayacko launches the National Tree Planting Day in Nyatike Sub-County

Governor Ayacko  launched the National Tree Planting Day at Nyatike Sub-County, aligning with the national government’s policy on afforestation. This event aims to contribute towards combating climate change and conserving the environment while promoting nationwide tree planting.During the ceremony, the governor and County officials actively participated in planting a variety of tree species. He stressed […]

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