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migori.go.ke - Migori County Government Departments

Our Mandate includes cultural activities, public entertainment and public amenities, Sports and  facilities; Pre-primary education, village polytechnics, home craft centres and child care facilities.

Develop and implement financial and economic policies in the county; The provision of leadership and coordination in preparation of main county development plan documents, including the County Integrated Development Plan, Sub-County development plans, sector plans among others

Department of Public Service Management and Administration, towards Efficient Public Service Delivery

Mandate include Refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal, Fire fighting services and disaster management, Control of air pollution, noise pollution, other public nuisances and outdoor advertising.

Our mandate include County health facilities and pharmacies; Ambulance services; Promotion of primary healthcare;Licensing and control of undertakings that sell food to the public; cemeteries, funeral parlours and crematoria; Control of drugs and pornography