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One of these extremely valuable ingredients is the Transport and Infrastructure sector which we have primed as a priority objective in our collective effort.

We have set and achieved many useful milestones in this sector including the building of the very first bitumen-standard road within Migori town, apart from the international A1 road that traverses the county and joins Kenya to Tanzania via Isebania town. This Posta-to-Ombo Ring road is about 4.2 Km and has improved access to several government offices, Red Cross office, BAT premises, Ombo hospital as well as other facilities within Migori town. Also in this sector we have recently launched the construction of a long Bypass bridge to increase accessibility over Migori River at Kiringi point. The bridge will be sixty meters (60m) long upon completion. More of such groundbreaking development projects are lined up for this financial year and even beyond both within this Second Midterm plan and for the rest of the period that the various sectoral plans will be in force.

To facilitate this process of implementing aggressive construction projects we have factored in a procurement plan for enough machines to facilitate the same. In this regard we have since purchased four (4) state-of-the-art construction equipment that is currently deployed in active duty all over the county.

In further adoption of the goals of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as well as expanded by the current SDGs in Migori County we are currently nurturing entrepreneurship and business-continuity by providing cheap electricity to both official and informal businesses using renewable energy systems like Solar-PV technology and other similar investments. Solar Street-lighting and floodlights are already installed in various towns, markets and trading centres thereby increasing business hours beyond the traditional daylight period and decreasing the ignoble spectre of insecurity. By now we have already installed over four-hundred and sixty Solar-PV streetlights in various towns and trading centres.

In future more investments will include other cheaper and adequate forms of renewable energy as well as subsidised training of SME sector operatives on alternative sources of energy and how to obtain capital to benefit from the global carbon trade that is currently of very high premium to the global south.

To further enhance efficiency and competitiveness of our economy, Migori County Government will devote more investment to infrastructure and other such sub-sectors key sectors of the economy that will drive growth particularly through public private partnerships arrangements.

Project infor

Client The people of Migori County
Task Better Road infrastructure
Date 2014-12-22
Programe Improving the Economy
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Really great work ! I wish to really congratulate the Governor of Migori - Hon. Okoth Obado for the great change they have effected in the life of the people of Migori. It's very impressive. Keep it up.

Patrick Anyim
CEO & Founder - Visajo

ephraim wadunga January 22, 2020 at 9:59 am
members of migori county we youths ,we helve different skills and the government is not supporting as, am qualified plant operator and have really app
Jackton Ochieng April 01, 2019 at 2:21 pm
We dont need this petty things your counting here. We want a visible legacy and not just pocketing the tax payers money kasto iwuondogi ni itiyo

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