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Performance Overview of the Sector







KMTC Migori Campus


To Address shortage of skilled health personnel

Office & 3 Classrooms

Increased human resource base

Theatres at Rongo & Awendo

Central Kamagambo & Central Sakwa

To reduce shortage of surgical facilities

2 Theatre units completed

Reduced cases of surgical mortality

Construction of Medical store & office block

Migori county referral hospital (Suna-Central )

Medical store & office space

Medical store & office space constructed

Reduced stock outs and pilferage/ theft

Construction of Children’s ward

Migori County Referral Hospital (Suna-Central )

Provide special facilities for treating children

Ground floor completed

Reduced child mortality and create room for referral cases

Inpatient Wards

All Sub-Counties

4 Inpatient ward

4 In-Patient wards (Uriri , Kegonga, Ntimaru & Karungu Sub- County Hospitals)

Reduced general adult mortality and cases of referral

Office space at Macalder Sub-County Hospital

Central Kanyarwanda

Provide space for efficient service delivery

Office space Constructed

Improved management and service delivery

Renovation of Dispensaries and Health centres

Entire County

All Public facilities

All Dispensaries and Health centres renovated

Improved status of the health facilities and services

Purchase of generator

Migori County RH (Suna-Central ward)

To provide power backup

1 generator installed

Non-disruption of health services during power blackout.

Construction of Mortuary

All Sub-County hospitals

Devolve mortuary services closer to the people

1 complete –Kehancha Sub-County Hospital (Bukira East)

Reduced cost of transporting bodies

Construction of new Dispensaries


Devolve health services closer to the people

7 constructed (1.Obama, 2.Rapogi, 3.Bonde, 4.Mulo, 5.Gosebe, 6.Kokuro, 7.Kamsaki)

Improved primary health care services at community level

Surgical ward

Migori County Referral Hospital (Suna-Central Ward)

To address surgical referral cases


Reduced cases of surgical mortality

Project infor

Client People of Migori
Task Improve Health Provision
Date 2014-12-22
Programe A healthy people
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Really great work ! I wish to really congratulate the Governor of Migori - Hon. Okoth Obado for the great change they have effected in the life of the people of Migori. It's very impressive. Keep it up.

Patrick Anyim
CEO & Founder - Visajo

Linah Rugabela February 25, 2019 at 6:01 am
Thank you for indicating performance overview of sectors in the county. But we need to see data and statistic of each sector in the County. e.g under

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