• touristic


    Promoting Tourism
    Scenery & Historical Sites
    Bringing Visitors to Migori
    Migori County is ready for tourists to visit the wonderful natural scenes as well as historical ones
  • dairy-faming


    Promoting Dairy Farming
    New farming techniques
    Embracing better farming styles
    We are opening the county for rapid development and investments
  • Department of Health

    Department of Health

    Expanding Health Facilities
    Providing Better Services
    The County Government is expanding existing facilities as well as building new ones...
  • fishing-industries


    Supporting the Fishing Industry
    Better Yields and Earnings
    Lake Victoria fishing
    Creating opportunities for fishermen and fishmongers to make a better living
  • roads


    Roads for better Infrastructure
    New machinery to build roads
    Laying the grounds for growth
    We are opening the county for rapid development and investments
  • education


    Migori County Government
    Caring for the Youth
    Building of new facilities
    Built a new KMTC, Youth Polytechnic and many schools...

Migori County

Migori CountyMigori County is a county in the former Nyanza Province of southwestern Kenya. Its capital is Migori, its largest town. Read more

Our Agenda

development AgendaThe County government of Migori has put in place a great agenda for socio-economic development unmatched in Kenya. Read more

Meet our Team

His Excellency the GovernorThe county is run by a team of experienced and highly productive officers under the guidance of the Governor. Read more

Our latest works

A graphic brief of the latest works being undertaken by the County Government


Lands, Housing and Physical Planning

Mandate includes Land Survey and mapping, boundaries and fencing, Housing and physical planning


  • Land survey and mapping;
  • Boundaries and fencing
  • Housing





Performance Overview of the Sector

Description of activity/project




Immediate outcome /Impact

Delineation of towns across the county


All Sub-Counties

Major towns in each Sub-County

Proposal awaiting county assembly approval

Likely to establish new towns across the county

Amalgamation of undeveloped land

All wards

Undeveloped land

5 parcels of land

Planned/ controlled development

Construction of Appropriate Building Technology Centres: (ABT)


all wards

All youth polytechnics


Access of Cheap and durable construction material

-creation of Employment opportunity


Town planning

All Sub-Counties

Major towns


Proper planned Town

Land Banking

All Sub-Counties

development projects

40 acres in Migori Town and Kehancha

Availability of land for development


A member of the public giving his opinion during one of the delineation-of-boundaries fora.


Policy Formulated For Effective Service Delivery

  • The department is using the relevant National Government land and housing policies.
  • The department is in the process of developing policies which will be used in management of land and housing development.

Bills and Acts Enacted For Effective Service Delivery of the Sector

  • The county government is using the National Land management Act.
  • The County Government has developed the Physical Planning Bill, currently before the County Assembly.
  • The County Towns’ draft bill.

Flagship Projects

  • Purchase of land for Isebania Town Water Project in Kuria-West Sub-County
  • An ADHOC committee was commissioned by the Governor that delineated new town boundaries across all the 8 Sub-Counties. The report is currently awaiting approval by the assembly

Public Awareness and Participation in Sectoral Projects

  1. Public participation is done during;
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Allocation of projects and programmes
  • Implementation stage of projects
  • Public awareness is done through stakeholder meetings and community sensitization public meetings at ward levels (public Baraza)
  • Selection of beneficiaries is done through public meetings conducted by stakeholders.
  1. Dissemination of information to the public through the department of information and public communication


Sustainability of the Sector Project

  • To educate and sensitize the public on the need, ownership and care of projects
  • Collaborating with Non state actors like banks and NGOs through private public partnership 

Sectoral Risks and Challenge

Below are some of the challenges facing the department

  • Rapid Urbanization
    Rural-Urban migration is a challenge for the urban areas in the County since it constraints provision of housing, proper planning and infrastructure provision.
  • Informal Settlements
    There is mushrooming of informal settlement with primitive facilities, increased overcrowding and rampant disease linked unhealthy environment.
    This is largely due to lack of affordable and decent low and middle income housing.
  • Application of modern technology
    Traditional/rudimentary surveying, mapping and planning processes are cumbersome and out-dated due to the use of analogue tools and equipment.
    The use of modern technologies such as GNNS & GIS in order to streamline authentication procedures and regulation of non-title surveys has started.
  • Non Compliance with building Regulations
    Comprehensive land use planning and management is a prerequisite for development of settlements with adequate infrastructure, public utilities and open spaces. Planning standards and regulations are strictly enforced to curb the witnessed formality in the urban areas before.
  • Lack of serviced land for housing and infrastructure in both urban and rural areas
    Investment in housing within the county has not only been expensive but also slow. This has been due to lack of serviced land with proper infrastructure such as good road networks, water and sewer line. Most houses in the major towns solely depend on shallow wells for water and pit latrines or septic tanks for solid water disposal.
    This has made affordable and decent housing in the towns out of reach for many residents and the few houses with decent facilitates in turn charge very high unaffordable rents.

Strategies and Methodologies to Achieve Project Objectives

These include;

  • The County has established Monitoring and evaluation department to ascertain the value of money for all projects, programmes and policies implemented
  • Developing and implementing land policies,
  • Spatial planning and regulation,
  • Development of Concept towns and business parks
  • Development of Self-sufficient Gated communities, O Maintenance and dissemination of accurate geographical data, ascertainment and recording of rights and interests on land, secure land tenure,
  • Property valuation for various purposes,
  • Prudent Administration of Government and trust land,

Internal and Audit Control Measures

This encompasses activities and processes which develop public service employees to enable them improve their individual, team and institutional performance.

Some of the key strategies include:

  • Conducting skills audit
  • Identification of training needs

Sector Mid-Term Goals

  • Establishment of a map amendment centre for the county
  • Completion of the adjudication process throughout the county by facilitating the department through crash programmes
  • Determination of all land related disputes in partnership with the office of the land registrar to ensure citizen satisfaction
  • Management of land information and records, ensuring sustainable land use, generation of revenue, improving the living environment in informal settlements, promote use of locally available decent and affordable building material and technologies and develop housing through public private partnerships.
  • The Governor of Migori envisages development of business parks and concept towns as a way of Urban renewal in Migori. The Government is amalgamating undeveloped parcels of land for new planning and development of settlements

 Hydra Form Machine in Use at Rongo Primary School

 Interlocking blocks during curing in Rongo Primary school, Rongo Sub-County

Demonstration on how to make Interlocking blocks at Rongo Primary School, Rongo Sub-County

 Inauguration of the County Land Management Board at the County Headquarters